Thursday, 14 November 2013

Jalie 2920 Leggings

Those who don't sew think we're mad. Why have a cupboard full of fabric? Why not just buy for a particular project, sew it up immediately, throw out the scraps and move on? There's no point in trying to explain The stash. No point.

My daughter needed some full length black leggings for a dance costume. Of course, she'd grown out of everything. I made a quick trip to the shops, but since it's coming into summer here, full length anything is hard to get, unless you are willing to pay the exorbitant prices at the fancy dance stores.

So it was stash, and Jalie 2920 to the rescue! These are a very quick and easy sew. I made them while my toddler had her afternoon nap. I managed to get 2 pairs cut side by side, so very economical too. Jalie patterns are a slim fit, so if you're in between sizes, go up. I added about 8cm to the length to be sure they were long enough, and for growing room. When I made this pattern up for myself, they were not full length as the pattern picture suggests, but this could also have been due to the amount of lengthwise stretch in the fabric I chose.

It's funny how things turn out sometimes. This black cotton lycra has been in my stash since I was pregnant with this child. I bought it to make maternity leggings for myself!!


  1. Hail to the stash! Nice leggings.

  2. Nothing like having a good stash - just don't forget to add to it:)

    Leggings look great, and I didn't know you had a toddler as well - that must keep you busy :)

  3. Ha, ha! Love that story about the fabric's life. Stash can be good!

  4. The leggings look perfect :). The situation you described is exactly why it is good to have a stash.

  5. Very nicely fitted. And yeehaa for stashes!! Cheers, Karen